FemmeMed – physiotherapy practice for women in Krakow

FemmeMed is more than just a Physical Therapy practice. We treat spheres of some, psyche and polis and we offer intimate therapies for your mind and body. 

We are located in the centre of Krakow and we employ highly qualified and experienced staff. Among them you can find physiotherapists, massauses, psychologists and doctors (eg. dietitians). 

In FemmeMed we also provide treatment in the oxygen chamber and offer very innovative therapy with the use of molecular hydrogen. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you. We have patient oriented approach and we treat everybody individually. 

Our services include:

– Physical Therapy,
– COVID-19 Rehabilitation Therapy,
– Osteopathy,
– Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy,
– Kinesio Taping,
– Massage therapy,
– Pilates,
– Cupping,
– Diet therapy,
– TMJ Physical Therapy Treatment,
– Traditional Japanese Facial Massage,
– Psychologist Therapy,
– Molecular Hydrogen Therapy,
– Mhbot Therapy in an oxygen chamber,

Please call or e-mail us:

phone: 730 174 307


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Facebook: @femmemedkrakow
Instagram: @femme_med_krakow